It's taken me years to realize that not everyone loves "What if..." or "How might we..." as much as I do. Its in my DNA to imagine, make concepts and prototypes come to life, and watch people react. 

I have two decades of roll-up-the-sleeves design experience in advertising agencies, design consulting, as well as working client-side for the federal government, leading teams and projects, mentoring young designers.

At Capital One (R&D and Labs) I led Human-Centered Design teams to be empathetic to our customers, to prototype quickly, vet our ideas openly, and to build out concepts with a "test and learn" strategy thats helps us evolve them.

We broke a lot of things.

As Creative Director of UX/web at the Library of Congress supervising a team of 8 design professionals, I set creative guidelines and standards for the Library’s web properties and various interactive experiences.

There's a lot to tell. Ask me.

Before the Library I was consulting in the UX trenches for Sapient (now a part of Publicis) where I played Creative Director, Information Architect, Art Director, Visual Designer, UX Lead — depending on what the contract required. I was flexible.

A lot happened there. 
Not everything was my fault.

The decade before that spent in advertising agencies gave me thick skin, good design sense, creative management skills and the constant collaboration made for an easy transition into UX for me.

What happens in advertising stays in advertising.
Good stories for sure.

If you want to connect with me you can find me on Linked-In or just email me at

Stephen holds a Master of Design degree in Human-Centered Design Planning from the Institute of Design, IIT in Chicago and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising from VCU.